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C.H. Hanson

C.H. Hanson

C.H. Hanson offers a complete line of marking, chalk, cutting, layout, safety, and other non-powered hand tools.  Their products are designed for use in the industrial, construction, safety, and hardware/DIY consumer markets.


C.H. Hanson customized carpenter pencils are produced with your logo on both sides, and your choice of pencil colour.  These pencils are oversized with flat and round surfaces.  They're perfect for marking saw lines, drill points, and showing off your brand.  C.H. Hanson carpenter pencils are 1/2" x 1/4" x 7" long, and each pencil is bar-coded.


Contact Alldec-Armson Sales Ltd. to purchase C.H. Hanson hand tools and customized carpenter pencils for your business. 

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