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Dyson Hand Drying Products

Dyson Hand Drying Products

Dyson Ltd is a British technology company that designs and manufactures heaters, bladeless fans, hand dryers and vacuum cleaners. It was founded in 1978 by James Dyson and has grown to be best in its industry with thousands of customers in over 65 countries worldwide. 


Contact Alldec-Armson Sales Ltd. to purchase high quality air blade dryers and taps for your business.


With the dyson Airblade tap there’s no need for users to move to a separate drying area, and hands can be dried at the sink in just 14 seconds. This means no waste water is dripped on the bathroom floor. This hand drying technology also frees up your bathroom by not taking up valuable wall and floor space. With the dyson Airblade tap hand dryer, there’s room for extra toilet cubicles and other facilities.


The dyson Airblade dB is the fastest, most hygienic hand dryer in the market. It produces sheets of air that travel at 675 km/h. These sheets scrape water from the front and back of hands simultaneously, allowing the dyson Airblade dB to dry hands in just 12 seconds. Safe for the food sector, this hand dryer has been approved for use in food preparation environments by HACCP International.


The dyson Airblade V is now 30% quieter with it's reprogrammed digital motor technology and precision air apertures.  It's slim, compact profile only protrudes 4 inches from the wall, so it takes up less space in the washroom.  The dyson Airblade V hand dryer has an easy-mount backplate wich allows for easy, self-service installation, maintenance and replacement. 



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