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rath's Skin Care Products

rath's Skin Care Products

PR Industrial Skin Care products produce skin protection productions, barrier creams and skin care for workers across many insdustries.  See below for some product in the PR family.


Pr88 is a water soluble barrier cream for dry work.  It helps to prevent the penetration of most non-aqueous contaminants that can be damaging to your skin.  Pr88 is easy to clean off, is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and best of all costs much less than using rubber gloves.


Pr99 is water resistant skin protection for when you are doing wet work.  It renders the skin water repellent and enhances the skin’s protective function.  Pr99 is light, creamy, and easily absorbs in your skin to create a resistant film covering.  Protect yourself from waterborne irritants by using pr99. 

Pr2000 is a skin care lotion for after work.  It helps the natural regenerative process of the skin, and is suitable for all skin types.  Use pr2000 after work to ensure you have healthy touchable skin even after the dirtiest of jobs.


PR Multi protects skin from differing stresses in oily, greasy and dusty areas.  It also helps in case of contact with damp dirt/water.  PR Multi can be applied when wearing coated textile or leather gloves. 


Pr Dry Hands protects and firms the skin on your hands and reduces the formation of sweat.  It gently inhibits any inflammation and hinders the rapid growth of germs.  Pr Dry Hands is your solution to skin problems caused by wearing gloves.


Pr Facial Protection is a high grease content skin protection cream that is silicone-free, lightly perfumed, and economical.  This is a great product to use when working with sprays, or if you have chapped dry skin. 


Pr Clean R is the perfect hand cleanser for very dirty hands.  It has PU-rubbing agents that make it suitable for stubborn, deep-down dirt.  One of the great things about pr Clean R is that is uses surfactants to get rid of dirt, and does not use solvents.  This means your skin remains gentle and soft. 

Pr Clean L is great at removing stubborn paint, varnishes, resins, and adhesives.  It is a dermatologically friendly solvent with moisturizing components.      


Contact Alldec-Armson Sales Ltd. to purchase PR skin care product for your business. 

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